SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions


Capturing the power of data to maximize performance and achieve better customer outcomes

What Is InSight?

InSight is SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions' manifestation of the industrial internet that connects people, data and machines. The cloud-based platform provides the means to capture and translate data into valuable information. As a result, our customers' applications and assets and the production processes they enable, operate reliably, efficiently and at the lowest total cost.

How It Works

The system architecture of InSight enables any relevant chemical or physical data from any source to be captured. A variety of modes of transmission, such as state-of-the-art wireless technologies and mobile devices, seamlessly move that data to the cloud. It is securely stored, processed and analytics are applied to create meaningful and actionable information.

For Our Customers

Our focus is on producing positive outcomes for our customers' applications. Asset performance measures including reliability, efficiency, compliance, sustainability and total cost management are all enabled by maximizing the connectivity of people, data and machines through InSight. No matter the level of performance seen today, we know we can always help our customers be better tomorrow.